You Can’t Do It


So far, so bad on the bathroom front. Our installers have gone their merry way, leaving us with a suspiciously tile-free patch of wall, and a shower which, even when turned all the way up to full pelt, does nothing.

Of course, it could be worse. Little more than the most cursory investigation is needed to discover that there are swathes of people in the same boat. In fact, some of them are in boats so rickety that one wonders how they remain in them. Some of these people have even been driven to set up websites, which are clearly intended to ensnare would-be B&Q customers in order to dissuade them from entrusting any of their home improvement ambitions to Messrs. B and Q. Here and here are a couple of my favourites – just the thing to kindle a consolatory warmth in my jaded heart.

OK. So it hasn’t quite got to the same point as it did for these poor saps. But I’ll bookmark them anyway, just in case I need to add fuel to their bitter campaigns in the future.

And perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on B&Q. Only a couple of weeks ago, the BBC reported that B&Q job applicants attending for interview at a Norwich store were required to pull funny faces and perform a dance to Blame it on the Boogie, whilst their prospective employers took photographs. If this is what employees have to put up with, they’re probably too traumatised to worry about our bathroom.

Incidently, I wonder if they gave the jobs to those who could bust the best moves?


NB: Picture provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual bathroom may differ.

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