My Evil Twin is a Chicken


Briefly, I had a (mildly) disturbing experience the other day. I was looking for ideas for some nosh to throw together for Mrs H, and stumbled across the following blog. For a moment, I thought I’d accidently entered the comforting, cool blue bosom of The Hutchison Monologues. Almost instantly, I realised that, if this were the case, dreadful chicken-related events were afoot.

Happening across a blog which uses the same theme as your own is quite strange. It is almost akin to those stories of people getting into the wrong car, and driving for some distance before they realise that there is something not quite right about the vehicle they’re in.

In this case, something so familiar (the Sapphire theme) had been made into something so, so wrong. For chickens, anyway.

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9 Comments on “My Evil Twin is a Chicken”

  1. Pattie Says:

    The Cornish Game Hen recipe looks pretty good.

  2. Doug Says:

    Yes it does, although I’ve no idea what a game hen is.

  3. J Says:

    I think a game hen means it’s up for anything


  4. Doug Says:

    If they are up for being part of my dinner, then I suppose that’s game indeed.

  5. Pattie Says:

    By the way, if my mom reads what you said about her, she’s going to be very upset… and she does her own chopping if you know what that means.

  6. Doug Says:

    The problem with this medium is there is no way of knowing whether your commenters are telling the truth or not.

    Still, I thought I’d edit the post a little bit, since it was a bit unkind to the lady in the picture. It amused me at the time, but in retrospect it was rather mean. Whether it was Pattie’s mum or not.

  7. Pattie Says:

    Where did you get that picture of my cousin?!

  8. […] in closing, takes me back to yet another blog: my old nemesis and evil twin. I note that they’ve reached the dizzy heights of a hot post today. Little […]

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