Pump Up the Volume


Do you remember the problems we were having getting our shower up and running? It turns out that we needed a pump. Now, B&Q knew all about this, because they charged us for the installation of a pump. But they neglected to realise that, in order for a pump to be installed, it needed to be physically present, which it was not.

After it had failed to materialise, I was offered the chance to go down to our local B&Q to pick one up myself, which I did. And here it is. It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.

Interestingly, it was the view of the installation service that I should pay for said pump. I told them there was no question of doing so, and they promptly agreed.

At the time of writing (Monday) the installers have just finished putting it in place. A quick demonstration of the apparatus was promising, even though it now sounds like someone is mowing a lawn in our airing cupboard whenever the shower is on. The shower itself is happily chucking out water nineteen to the dozen, but sadly only of the extremely cold and and extremely hot varieties. ‘There’s no happy medium’, I am told.

So. The shower dial is kaput, and needs replaced. Luckily, despite having turned it on and off at least three times, it’s ‘still under guarantee’. How obliging of them.

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2 Comments on “Pump Up the Volume”

  1. Pattie Says:

    I’m sure you (and everyone else around you) will be glad when your shower is working.

  2. Doug Says:

    Indeed. Although I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I didn’t have the wherewithal to make alternative arrangements, hygiene-wise, in the absence of a shower.

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