Bristol (Again)


After a hearty breakfast, the assembled company made their way to the Bristol waterfront for a little boat tour. The centre of Bristol is an extremely pleasant place to be, populated with many a smart bistro and gallery to keep the people happy.


Our little boat ride took us past a number of interesting sights, including the SS Great Britain, ‘the world’s first great ocean liner’. (presumably, all previous ocean liners were a little below-par). We didn’t attempt to board, so I can’t verify that the SS Great Britain is, indeed, the world’s ‘most exciting and accessible ship’. It looked pretty swanky, though.

In the afternoon, Chris and Annelie sent us around the environs of Bristol on a treasure hunt. An amusing afternoon was thus spent, solving cryptic clues, seeking exotic animals, and soliciting elderly ladies for photographs. What joy.


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2 Comments on “Bristol (Again)”

  1. markandapril Says:

    Yo Doug…just returning the favour, and certainly not just passing through.

    That picture above just reminded me that, bizarrely, I heard an ice-cream van doing the rounds at about 9 o clock last night. Not only was it about -1 degrees by then, but surely all children of ice-cream van chasing age were tucked up in bed (or at least brushing their teeth).

    So out of place was it, that I am now convinced that it is just a cover, and that ‘Sir Whips-a-Lot’ is actually peddling small bags of weed and other recreational drugs, rather than 99’s and Fab lollies.

  2. Doug Says:

    I am convinced that ice-cream vendors are the most optimistic people to be found. There’s a guy who drives about up our way in the most tempestuous conditions, his chirpy little Greensleeves jingle contending bravely with the howling wind.

    I assume he does no trade. Not in ice-creams anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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