What It’s Like To Bee a Dog


Those of you who use the internet regularly will know that, when online, one is only a few errant clicks away from some pretty bizarre bits and pieces. The internet, it seems, really has something for everyone. No matter how unorthodox your preference, you are sure to be able to find others who share it.

This is just a shortie today, and my thanks go to Jamie for providing the inspiration.

You see, he sent me an interesting link a while ago. He has probably forgotten, but it remains forever etched on my memory.

He directed me to a site on which one can view photographs of dogs. Nothing too strange about that, you may say – after all, there are undoubtedly masses of canine enthusiasts that like nothing better than to see man’s best friend depicted. But this site was rather special, in that every portrayed pooch was dressed up as a bee.

Now. When one thinks of the sheer number of people using the internet, it is probably quite likely that one or two, by mere coincidence, will have chosen to dress their dog as a stinging insect. Those one or two might find this sort of website a suitable forum through which to swap pictures of the happy occasion. But a cursory glance tells me that there are loads of people doing this.

Can anyone tell me why on earth someone would want to disguise their dog as a bee? Is there something special about bees that make them the costume of choice for dogs? Or are there other sites portraying dogs in all manner of other costumes (beetles, maybe)? It’s altogether quite baffling.

Those wishing to see those beedogs in full should click here, by the way.


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3 Comments on “What It’s Like To Bee a Dog”

  1. Wee Gorbals Says:

    Why indeed! At one level I guess it pushes a positive emotional button for people…makes them laugh, smile etc. It makes me smile looking at it! At another level I observe people in general like to dress up….to play with identity. They also dress up their kids…and as you have now brought to our attention, their dogs. Finally, could this also be a slightly wonky expression of an innate human desire to nuture/to care for? I recall some lines by Chritina Rossetti (I think);

    “Some tame gazelle, some gentle dove,
    Something to love, oh something to love.”

    We enjoy or need to have something to love or fuss over. I think those Bee-dogs owners have a lot of loving and fussing to give. As long as they’re not losing touch with reality too much and making their dogs collect nectar and live in a hive…

  2. libmac Says:

    Very interesting dear cousin!

    Thought you might like to know that the faithful rubber duck also is subjected to such ill treatment!



  3. Doug Says:

    Bee rubber ducks? Nice. I wonder if there are other animals that get the bee treatment…?

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