(Really) Everyone’s Doing It

I’m as guilty as the next blogger here, but I always think blog posts about the act of blogging are a bit redundant. Is there really any point in a meta-blog?

You can read the above as a half-hearted apology for yet another blog post about the act of blogging. I won’t make a habit of it.

I notice that our good friend Jodie Marsh is writing a blog. She was bigging it up in the Metro the morning.

As an aside, I feel I should make further apology for referring to the Metro all the time. Mrs H refers to it as a comic, and doesn’t equate its consumption with ‘reading a paper’. Just so we’re clear on that.

The blog, we’re promised, is a ‘cult hit’. It doesn’t say to which particular cult it might appeal, but Marsh assures potential readers that ‘it’s completely honest’ (i.e. is written without any sense of discretion) and ‘I can write well’ (i.e. exclamation marks are inserted five at a time).

Excited at the opportunity to ‘get inside celebrity’, I made my way over to a page so lewd I can’t even bring myself to link to it. It claimed to have ‘everything you need to know’ about its celebrity subject. The blog is updated almost daily by ‘me, myself’, and gives a dizzying blow by blow account of her life. You can’t actually read the blog without signing up – in the interests of research I toyed with the idea of doing so, but decided that the subsequent deluge of ‘great offers’ and ‘exciting deals’ into my inbox would get Mrs H barking up the wrong tree.

So, unable to read the actual posts, I had to make do with the post titles which were laid out on the site.  To be honest, the titles alone gave a reasonable idea of what to expect.

The interview in the Metro was so riddled with the amusing that there isn’t the space to convey it. However, I was particularly taken by the assertion that, should she ever become Prime Minister (you never know), Marsh’s first course of action would be to ‘ban all KFCs because I think that they’re cruel to their chickens’.

Which, in closing, takes me back to yet another blog: my old nemesis and evil twin. I note that they’ve reached the dizzy heights of a hot post today. Little did I know I was dealing with pros.

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