The Polwarth Inquisition

Remember my advocation of retrospective new year’s resolutions? Here’s another one ticked off. In fairness, it was only retrospective in the sense that it was never documented at the turn of the year. But it has long been on my mind: attend a pub quiz.

On Tuesday, I ambled down to The Golden Rule in Polwarth, Edinburgh for their weekly pub quiz, and had a smashing time. My two teammates and I (collectively known as Stay Classy) managed to rack up a respectable fourth place amongst 12 teams. Just short of the medals podium this time, but there’s always next week.

Pub quizzes are great, as it turns out. They tend to draw a slightly different demographic to the trendier end of the social scene. Middle age, beards and beer-bellies are considered optional, but preferable. In short, these are My People.

Taking part was tremendous fun. If you know the answer, you write it down. If you don’t, you wait until one of your teammates writes it down, then tap their sheet with the end of your pen and nod sagely. That’s all there is to it, really.

I expected my own contribution to the collective intellectual effort to be negligible, but was quite surprised at how much I knew without realising I knew it. Since keeping a blog, I am much more aware of the things happening around me, as I’m always on the lookout for things to blog about. Costley (where is he now?) once advised me that the key to pub quiz success was to ‘be interested’. Keeping a blog is a great way of sustaining that interest.

In conclusion, let’s recreate a magic moment. Here’s an item from the anagrams round:


Clue: deceased comic actor

If you’re stuck, feel free to have a couple of pints of Tennants to grease the wheels. Just so you can’t say you are at an unfair disadvantage.

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5 Comments on “The Polwarth Inquisition”

  1. Hannah Green Says:

    I was a regular pub-quizzer whilst in Aber doing my masters, and I miss it now. It was a pretty high-brow quiz we used to go to (hard questions not easy anagrams!), but I do recall a lot of middle-aged beards and beer bellies. The Cardigans (my team, so named because it was made up of trainee archivists & librarians, who have a professional proclivity for comfortable knitwear) were good too – we regularly finished in the top two, and even won over £300 one week. We toyed briefly with the idea of turning professional.

  2. Costley Says:

    Is it KEN STOUT-BEAR??? (that famed late comic actor)
    I miss blogging immensley.

  3. Doug Says:

    Hannah – I bet archivists and librarians are a clever lot. If all that documented is passing through their field of vision everyday, some of it is bound to permeate the retina and lodge in the brain.

    One question: did you possess either a beard or beer-belly during the Aber Years? No doubt this will have helped in your quizzing endeavours.

    Costley – close but no cigar. Actually, not that close.

    The blogging world misses you too. I don’t suppose you’re tempted to restart in some gradual, measured way?

  4. Hannah Green Says:

    My dazzling intellect has no need of such crutches as beer-bellies and beards. I did find wearing my glasses helped though…

  5. Phil Says:

    Silly old Neil.
    Everyone knows Ken Stout-Bear is still alive and plying his trade on the Vegas circuit. What a pro!

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