This Infernal Block

no-idea-what-to-write.jpgIn an unprecedented turn of events, you may have noticed that THM ground to a halt on Friday. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been a significant portion of skin off anyone’s nose or anything, but there we go. In truth, there has been rather a dearth of things to write about lately. Consequently, I have had a bit of Blogger’s Block. During this episode, I came to see blogging as an arduous waste of time, and considered packing it in. I am a little bit ‘all or nothing’ in this regard. I’d probably rather not do it at all than do it by half-measures.

I’m between a rock and a hard place on this. Pack it in, and I’ll reveal myself to lack the courage of my convictions, and to be unable to finish what I start. Keep it going, and have to expend effort with little reward. And endure the occasional inspirational wilderness.

Happily, I’m feeling rather flush today, ideas-wise. I’ve decided to carry on. Maybe not every day, but whenever there is something I could conceivably write about. And I’ll try  to eliminate all the padding: this will probably be the last post about my  inability to achieve perfect continuity in blogging.

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8 Comments on “This Infernal Block”

  1. Ross Says:

    You need to pull yourself together man…National Service…backbone…upper lip! This isn’t the kind of wetty-pants reflection that Britain was founded on, you sound like a damned Frenchy!

    Go and have a nice cup of tea a scan the Daily Mail for inspiration – it’s usually full of fantastical guff to get the juices flowing. Princess Diana’s still dead, apparently.

  2. Doug Says:

    A stirring speech. Perhaps I will do exactly as you suggest.

    Incidently, when can we expect your blog to arrive? It has been said that you have an air of the amusing about you. Not by me, mind.

  3. Ross Says:

    Sod that, I can’t be arsed

  4. kenny Says:

    as you may have noticed, I’m struggling with the Block as well 😦 or perhaps I didn’t have anything to say in the first place!

    I was shocked when my RSS reader failed to shout at me just after midnight on the 10th, so it’s good to see another post and I look forward to many more.

  5. Doug Says:

    Ah – you spotted my ‘one past midnight’ foible. This is how you can tell the posts I’ve written ‘live’, and those that are done in advance. The latter are all time-stamped 00:01, a time at which all God-fearing folk should be in bed 🙂

  6. Francis Moore Says:

    Yes – your blog has become increasingly boring and I can hardly be bothered to look at it any more. Suggest you copy someone else’s if you can’t think of anything interesting to write yourself.


  7. Doug Says:

    FOM – I had no idea you were still popping in (although it sounds like you might not be for much longer!) The idea of copying someone else’s blog is tempting, although the original author would soon get wind of it, I’m sure. Then where would we be?

  8. Francis Says:

    Sounds like you may have to close it down altogether. I was tickled to notice that another blogger picked up on it too: ” I would warrant that Hutchison could compose an entire Monologue on the way up the Golf chairlift from Méribel Village, it being longer and slower than most.” source:

    All in all I just don’t know how you have the time – or for that matter do I have the time to read these musings!

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