Hope Springs Eternal


OK. We’ve made it through to the first day of Spring. I wasn’t sure I was expecting to.

With the advent of Spring, thoughts inevitably turn towards gardening. Those that know me might be aware that I really enjoy gardening. They probably don’t know that I like it so much that, sometimes, I can’t sleep at night for thinking about it.

Over the past while, I’ve been thinking of planting a vegetable or two. Up until this point, we’ve settled for the odd low-maintenance shrub, mostly of the hardy perrenial variety. This means that once they’re planted, you don’t need to do anything to them again. Ever. And if they chuck out a flower or two at some point along the way, so much the better for Mrs H.

But vegetables would be a bit of a departure. I’m not sure that Mrs H is fully on board with the growing of our own food. Perhaps she sees it as a thin end of the potato wedge, and that I’ll end up wanting to buy a pair of wellies.

Of course, there was a time when the growing of vegatables was lauded as a noble and important contribution to national security. During WWII, we were told that the ideal was ‘every garden a munition plant’ and that ‘sowing the seeds of victory would insure the fruits of peace’ (although I suspect the fruits of peace were secured at the expense of much more than the odd radish).

Somewhere along the way, the language of war and violence invaded the world of vegetable-growing and set up a state of martial law. I recently found myself in possession of one of those seed catalogues, and was amused at the grandiose, world-conquering terms used to describe the different varieties of vegetable on offer. Those opting for cabbages might choose the Brigadier, whereas you’d need to choose from Gladiators, Javelins or Daggers if parsnips are more your cup of tea.

Isn’t gardening supposed to be a peaceful pastime? Perhaps I’ll give the vegetables a miss, especially if they’re going to be interpreted by my neighbours as an act of military aggression.

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