It’s Vanished!

Wednesday was a momentous day for me. ‘Twas the day, against all odds, that I submitted my thesis. So, those of you who have always wondered ‘just what is the role of self-efficacy, locus of control and intellectual ability in guided self-help for depression, anxiety and stress’ need only make your way to this 96-page tome.

The final print took place on Tuesday. Inevitably, having printed the required three copies, I found a mistake on page 6 which, when rectified, threw the entire document out of kilter. But we got there in the end, at the sad expense of a few good-sized trees.

Wednesday took me, stumbling and deranged, into the bindery of the Edinburgh University library. The route to the bindery takes one through the basement, where every piece of electrical equipment that has ever been under the auspices of the university is discarded at the end of its tenure. There are mountains of monitors, computers, and all sorts of gubbins lying about. There are probably one or two moldering academics in there as well, somewhere. When you get a few layers down.

Those who have been following my hapless course into the world of magic would be most impressed, in that I managed to pull off an impressive trick without being aware of it. Let me tell you about it in the style of a instructional magic book:

The effect: the performer prints three copies of a 96 page thesis, and places each in an A4 envelope. These he places in his bag and takes home. The following day, he selects a spectator from the university bindery. The envelopes are then removed from the bag, and the three copies of the thesis placed on a flat surface in full view of the spectator. The front page of one of the copies is seen to be missing. The bag is shown to be empty. The performer should direct the spectator to make an extra photocopy of the missing page through the use of some finely judged-patter. The performer then leaves to submit two copies of the thesis, which are chosen at random by a further spectator in the clinical psychology administration office. The performer later discovers the missing front page at the back of the copy he has retained in his possession.
The method: I have absolutely no idea.

Anyway, despite a few hiccups, it’s in. I have decided not to look at it again until the deadline in a week’s time. I don’t want to notice some mistake I could have changed if I’d had the time.

Let the good times commence.


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4 Comments on “It’s Vanished!”

  1. J Says:

    Well done fella!

    Sit back, break out your briar pipe and enjoy a snifter of brandy in your study chair!


  2. Jamie Says:

    Yes, yes, well done. Well I remember the sense of satisfaction and relief that comes from submitting assessed work. I trust you celebrated in the time-honoured fashion – a bottle of lemonade, some Highlanders crisps, and maybe allow yourself the luxury of a few episodes of Bruce’s Price Is Right or perhaps the more modern alternative, the majestic Deal Or No Deal?

  3. Wee Gorbals Says:


    My formulation: When you had your thesis to do you welcomed the distraction of your blog. Now the thesis is done your mind and body have free reign to wander where they don’t need to be distracted at your desk from your valuable but effortful research. You know what I mean: one’s house is never tidier than when one is meant to be studying for exams and it suddenly seems important to thoroughly clean all areas. You couldn’t distract yourself by going out to the pub…that would be too flagrant a disregard for the imperative to be at your desk studying…but you can live with the escape of a little light housework with out feelign too bad about yourself. You’re not to far from your desk then, so you can get back there quickly if the urge to study strikes. But now you are off gallivanting far from your computer. Am I right?? (I speak as an expert prevaricator and procrastinator).

  4. Caro Says:

    Well done you!
    Nearly Doctor Doug!
    ANd a week early – typical!

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