Having decided to give The Hutchison Monologues a little spruce up (you deserve nothing less, faithful readers) I suddenly realised that the Me page has been bereft of much-sought-after autobiographical information. Feeling as though I ought to rectify matters, I am rather at a loss to know what to write about. Or more specifically, where to begin.

OK, that’s one paragraph written. Not much in the way of autobiographical information though.

Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll return to this page and add to it now and again, but why don’t I put the onus on you? If you have any burning questions, I will happily supply you with the autobiographical data you require. Saves me writing it all out just to bore people.

Please send your witty and searching enquiries in the form of comments, and ye shall receive the appropriate autobiographical bounties.


2 Comments on “Me”

  1. Francis Moore Says:

    How can I contact the customer service adviser to make a complaint about your blog?

  2. Doug Says:

    I am the sole proprietor, so you can go straight to the top with any grievances you might have. I will attempt to deal with any such grievances in a timely and beligerant manner.

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